About The Classical Free-Reed, Inc.

The Classical Free-Reed, Inc. is a nonprofit educational and cultural organization which is dedicated to the advancement of the free-reed instruments -- ie., accordion, bayan, concertina, bandoneon, harmonium, harmonica, sheng, khaen, kobing, etc. -- in the field of classical music.

The Classical Free-Reed, Inc. is a tax-exempt corporation [organized exclusively for educational purposes under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code], therefore your contributions are tax-deductible.

The purposes of The Classical Free-Reed, Inc., (as mentioned in the Articles of Incorporation) include:

  1. To sponsor and support chamber music concerts, recitals, workshops, festivals and other events which promote the free-reed instruments in classical music,

  2. To establish a library of books and sound recordings of music which include or feature the free-reed instruments,

  3. To research, commission and publish music for free-reed instruments, both solo pieces and compositions with other instruments,

  4. To produce and distribute audio cassettes, compact discs, video tapes and other sound recordings which include or feature free-reed instruments,

  5. To establish a museum of free-reed instruments,

  6. To establish an internet website dedicated to the free-reed instruments in classical music.

We hope that your visit to this site is enjoyable and educational. Please e-mail your comments and suggestions to the webmaster.


The Classical Free-Reed, Inc. staff:

The Classical Free-Reed, Inc. site was designed and constructed by Henry Doktorski and Stephen Junker with assistance from the Three Rivers Free-Net Staff of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From August 21, 1997 (when the site first went online) until 2004, it was hosted by the Three Rivers Free-Net.

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