The Classical Free-Reed, Inc.

The Free-Reed Family: A Brief Description
Part Four: Western Instruments

1: The Accordion Family

A: Diatonic Accordion
2-row button accordion by Castagnari
(photo courtesy of Richard Morse)

B: Piano accordion (from the catalog of Bugari Armando)

C: Bayan or chromatic button accordion
(from the catalog of Victoria)

2: The Concertina and Bandoneon Family

A: English Concertina
(photograph from The Wheatstone English Concertina in Victorian England by Allan W. Atlas)

B: Bandoneon (performer: Astor Piazzolla)

3: The Harmonium and Reed Organ Family

Harmonium photo from The American Reed Organ by Robert F. Gellerman)

5: The Mouth Organ Family

Chromatic Harmonica
Hohner Three-Octave Model No. 270

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