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New La Vaux Concerto

This article was reprinted in its entirety from the June 1948 issue of Accordion World (New York).

World Premiere of New La Vaux Concerto in Chicago on June 13th

We learn, as we go to press, that the new Lloyd La Vaux Concerto, "Concerto in D Minor" for accordion soloist and orchestra will receive its world premier performance by the composer himself on Sunday, June 13th 1948, at the Eighth Street Theater in Chicago, Ill.

The concerto, according to advance reports, is said to be an outstanding piece of musical literature which will make accordion history.

It is in three movements of 25 minutes duration. The first movement is in three parts: Allegro, Maestoso and Vivace.

The second movement is entitled Andante Cantibile and the final movement is Vivace.

The composition follows a logical and interesting development. The composer has scored it for a full symphony.

He will be accompanied, on this occasion, by the National Champion Accordioneers of Music Center, Chicago, sponsors of the concert.

Other selections by La Vaux will be "La Gazzi Libri" by Rosini ; "Addio Alli Madre" from "Cavaleria Rusticani" by Maseagni ; "Cappriccio Italiane" by Tschaikovski ; and his own concert arrangement of the Johan Strauss immortal waltzes; all inclusively entitled "Vienna Life."

In addition the "Poet of the Accordion" will be present three new compositions poem preludes. They are entitled, Assurance, Rendezvous, and Maze.

The accordioneers, one of the finest groups of accordionists ever gathered together, will present several selections also.

Their selections will include "Scherzo" from "Midsummer Night's Dream" by Mendelssohn; "Euryanthe Overture" by Von Weber ; "Prelude" to the third act of "Lohengrin" by Wagner ; and the Finale from Tschaikovsky's "Fourth Symphony in F Minor."

This concert promises to be a great one. Tickets may be obtained for $1.50 by writing to the La Vaux Concert Committee, Music Center, 6637 S. Halsted, Chicago 21, Ill.

The Classical Free-Reed, Inc. staff gratefully acknowledges volunteer Benjamin Lang who assisted in the production of this article, as well as Stanley Darrow and the comprehensive American Accordion Musicological Society library.

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