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A Leprechaun's Blessing

Looking for a memorable Saint Patrick's Day greeting card? Search no more, ye lads and lassies.

The above painting by Edward Hays titled A Leprechaun's Blessing is from a Saint Patrick's Day greeting card which can be purchased from Forest of Peace Publishing. Following is the text:

Inside left text:

Guarantee: Placing this card in a prominent position in your home or office will ensure that the leprechauns and other wee folk, the Shree, who loved to be honored, will come to visit you with armloads of gifts of good fortune.

Inside right text:

May the singing of all the holy saints, to the music of St. Gabriel's Angel Band, set all the wee folk and the leprechauns merrily dancin' on the roof of your home. And may bushel baskets of blessings come to you and all your kin as well on this holy feast day of St. Patrick. Happy Saint Patrick's Day and may good fortune be yours!

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