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Centazzo, Riccardo: Caleidoscopio (cd review) posted: 01-Mar-2014

Accordionist with the Symphony–Henry Doktorski (article) posted: 19-May-2011

Acco Duo: Romance (cd review) posted: 21-Nov-2010

Hawkwood Concerina Band: "Marches and Tunes" (cd review) posted: 01-Jan-2010

Vaupotic, Miran: "Dreams-The Music of Davor Bobic" (cd review) posted: 24-Jul-2009

R√łyseng and Aase (Duo Jupiter): "The Journeyman's Test" (cd review) posted: 27-Dec-2008

Centazzo, Riccardo: Frescobaldi and Bach (cd reviews) posted: 26-Dec-2008

Carmen Carrozza Plays Paul Creston Concerto and Alan Hovhaness Rubaiyat (cd review) posted: 26-Nov-2007

Press Release: Henry Doktorski Marian Hymns on Accordion CD Released posted: 18-Oct-2007

Toscano, Frank: Accordion To Frank (cd review) posted: 14-Oct-2007

Press Release: Henry Doktorski Lecture and Performance at the World of Accordions Museum posted: 22-Sep-2007

Grekow, Jacek: Southern impressions, Junctions, Kyrillakata (cd reviews) posted: 22-Sep-2007

Monteiro, Eddie: The Trio Album (cd review) posted: 18-Sep-2007

Luoma, Mikka: Virtuoso Accordion (cd review) posted: 18-Sep-2007

Oldak String Quarter with Milos Milivojevic (concert review) posted: 15-Jul-2007

Oppenheimer, Yehuda: Accordion Mon Amour (cd review) posted: 05-Jul-2007

The Artistry of Pietro Deiro: 6-CD Anthology posted: 02-Jul-2007

Press Release: Complete Recorded Works of Guido Deiro, Vol.1 posted: 22-May-2007

Press Release: Listz Concert featuring Harmonium posted: 14-Mar-2007

Classical Accordion Challenge on USA Classical Radio (article) posted: 23-Dec-2006

Berry, David: The 18th 'Nuits de Nacre' Tulle Accordeon Festival (review) posted: 23-Dec-2006

Howe, Elias Jr. (1820-1895): The Complete Preceptor For The Accordeon (originally published in 1843)
  with introduction by Henry Doktorski
posted: 27-Oct-2006

Alessandro Mugnoz, Accordion; and Claudia Menghi, piano:
  Repertoire for Free-Reed Instruments from the 19th and 20th centuries (cd review)
posted: 10-Oct-2006

Jbanov, Roman: Accordion Festival, Bucharest - Romania (festival review) posted: 20-Sep-2006

Sommers, Joan Cochran: Maestro Anthony Galla-Rini--A Personal Reflection (essay) posted: 02-Sep-2006

Robinson, Les: Does My Accordion Sound OK to You? (essay) posted: 08-Jul-2006

Petric, Joseph: Three New Titles by Joseph Petric (cd review) posted: 02-Jul-2006

Doktorski, Henry: Interview With Fredrik Dillner - The Owner Of What May Be The World's Oldest Accordion posted: 26-Jun-2006

Frosini, Pietro : Jolly Caballero (cd review) posted: 27-May-2006

Ayers, Peter: Jehuda Oppenheimer - Israel's 'Prophet of the Accordion' (essay) posted: 10-May-2006

Rantanen, Matti: ZOLO--Finnish Works for Accordion (cd review) posted: 19-Apr-2006

The Complete Works of Pietro Deiro, Volume 1: Celebrated Polkas (cd review) posted: 30-Mar-2006

John Molinari and Veikko Ahvenainen - The Historic Recordings (cd review) posted: 29-Mar-2006

Carmen Carrozza, Accordion (cd review) posted: 20-Feb-2006

Ensemble Draj: Kinderjorn-Aufwachsen im Ghetto (cd review) posted: 09-Jan-2006

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