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What's New
at The Classical Free-Reed, Inc. In 2002

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Guy Klucevsek: Heart of the Andes (The Free-Reed Review No. 313) Created October, 2002

Francesco Palazzo: Fisarmonica Classica (The Free-Reed Review No. 312) Created October, 2002

Pat Missin: What harmonica did John Lennon use to play the intro to "Love Me Do" and other songs by The Beatles? (The Free-Reed Journal no. 87) Created August, 2002

Stanislav Venglevski: Seasonings (The Free-Reed Review No. 311) Created August, 2002

Henry Doktorski: California Recitals CD (The Free-Reed Review No. 310) Created August, 2002

Geir Draugsvoll: Works by Klaus Ib J?rgensen (The Free-Reed Review No. 309) Created August, 2002

Henry Doktorski: Four California Recitals (The Free-Reed Review No. 308) Created August, 2002

Henry Doktorski: The Accordion and Fiddler on the Roof (The Free-Reed Journal No. 86) Created June, 2002

Stefan Hussong: High Way for One (The Free-Reed Review No. 307) Created June, 2002

Mazaika: Violin & Accordion Duo (The Free-Reed Review No. 306) Created June, 2002

Joseph Petric: Koprowski Concerto (The Free-Reed Review No. 305) Created June, 2002

Inigo Aizpiolea & Inaki Alberdi: Accordion Duo (The Free-Reed Review No. 304) Created May, 2002

Venglevski and Simkus: Concert Review (The Free-Reed Review No. 303) Created May, 2002

Janne R?tty?: Bach Two and Three Part Inventions (The Free-Reed Review No. 302) Created April, 2002

CUNY Concertina Concert (The Free-Reed Review No. 301) Created April, 2002

Alexander Matos: Roy Harris Accordion Concerto (The Free-Reed Journal No. 85) Created March, 2002

Owen Murray: Crucifixion by Elena Firsova (The Free-Reed Review No. 300) Created March, 2002

Rebecca Winzenried: Robert Bonfiglio (The Free-Reed Journal No. 84) Created February, 2002

Natalio Gorin: Astor Piazzolla (The Free-Reed Review No. 299) Created February, 2002

Yuri Shishkin: Romantic Bayan (The Free-Reed Review No. 298) Created February, 2002

Chinese Music for Sheng and Hulusi: Primitive Safari and A Spray of Flowers (The Free-Reed Review Nos. 296 & 297) Created February, 2002

Friedrich Lips: It Seems Like Yesterday (The Free-Reed Journal No. 83) Created February, 2002

Friedrich Lips: Two Posters For One Concert (The Free-Reed Journal No. 82) Created February, 2002

Guido Deiro: Accordion Star (The Free-Reed Journal No. 81) Created February, 2002

Pietro Frosini: Original Recordings: 1920-1935 (The Free-Reed Review No. 295) Created February, 2002

Lyra Quartet: Dvorak Bagatelles (The Free-Reed Review No. 294) Created January, 2002

Robert Davine: 1924-2001 (The Free-Reed Journal No. 80) Created January, 2002

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