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Book Review: Brennpunkte I (Band 5)
Aufsätze, Gespräche, Meinungen und sachinformationen zum Themenbereich Akkordeon

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total pages: 107
6 music examples
11 illustrations
4 tables
Published: 1995

review date: April 1999

AUGEMUS - Musikverlag Ralf Kaupenjohann
Bleckstr. 1a
D-44809 Bochum


Der Komponist David P. Graham im Gespräch mit Helmut C. Jacobs
Chistoph Keller
David P. Graham: Four Short Pieces—Werkbetrachtung
Werkberzeichnis von David P. Graham
Ralf Kaupenjohann
Qualitätskriterien für italienische Stimmplatten
Maria Dunkel
Rückblich auf die Akkordeonausstellung des Brüsseler Instrumentenmuseums vom Sommer 1994

Ralf Kaupenjohann
Das Akkordeon in der Konzertmusik. Atelierkonzerte des WDR 1993 in Köln
Anhang I: Vom Accordion zum Akkordeon . Die Emanzipation eines Konzertinstruments
Anhang II: Programme der Atelierkonzerte "Das Akkordeon in der Konzertmusik"
Ute Pukropski
Kompositionen für Akkordeon von Christoph Keller --Ein Seminar mit dem Komponisten auf dem Jugendhof Vlotho
Martin Vogt
Das Harmonium und seine Musik. Bericht zum Wochenendseminar vom 19. - 20. Februar 1994 in Vlotho
Ralf Kaupenjohann:
   Anhang I: Harmonium-Literaturliste
   Anhang II: Harmonium-Bibliographie
   Anhang III: Tonträger mit Harmoniummusik
Bärbel Hölzing
   Lisa Ann Cleveland: An Analysis of Referential Collections in the Contemporary Accordion Works of Torbjörn Iwan Lundquist

Helmut C. Jacobs
   Carlos Kuri: Piazzolla. La musica limite

Stefan Kames
   Aus der Geschichte des Hm-ta-ta
   Wolfgang Eschenbacher: Musik und Musik-erziehung mit Akkordeon

Jutta Lambrecht
   Bärbel Hölzing: Torbjörn Iwan Lundquist: Werkverzeichnis und Diskographie

Norbert Laufer
   Zwei Bücher zu Jürg Baurs 75.
      Geburtstag: Werkverzeichnisse, Analysen und persönliche Worte

      Jutta Scholl (Hrsg.): Der Komponist Jürg Baur. Eine Dokumentation

      Lutz-Werner Hesse/ Armin Klaes/ Arnd Richter (Hrsg.): Jürg Baur. Aspekte seines Schaffens

   Martin Vogt
      Christoph Wagner: Das Akkordeon - Eine wilde Karriere
Jürg Baur
   Stellungmahme zu der Ausgabe meiner Drei Stücke im alten Stil für Oboe als Ubertragung für Akkordeon

Thomas Blomenkamp
   Stellungnahme zu der Ausgabe meiner Drei    Arabesken für Oboe als Ubertragung für Akkordeon

Review by Henry Doktorski:

Scholarly books about the accordion are as rare as accordion scholars, but Ralf Kaupenjohann has admirably succeeded in putting the two together in a fascinating anthology of essays, conversations, reviews and factual information about the accordion, titled Brentpunkte I —Hot Points.

The first section of Brennpunkte I is an introduction called Editorial.

The second section, titled Komponisternporträt (A Portrait of the Composer)—featured composer David P. Graham. There were three parts: the first: an interview with Graham by concert accordionist Helmut C. Jacobs. Two pages from the score of Graham's Shards (a concerto for accordion and nine instruments (flute/ piccolo, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, percussion, viola, cello and contrabass) were reproduced. The second part was a short article by Christoph Keller which described Graham's Four Short Pieces for violin and accordion. Included were musical examples from each movement. The third part was a list of Graham's complete works.

The third section, Artikel (by Ralf Kaupenjohann) was an explanation of the manufacture of Italian reeds, along with several illustrations.

The fourth section, titled Berichte (Reports), was composed of nine sections by four authors. Maria Dunkel wrote about A Backward Glance of the Accordion Exhibit of the Brussels Instrument Museum in Summer of 1994 . Ralf Kaupenjohann wrote three articles: 1) The Accordion in the Concert Music of the Studio Concerts of WDR 1993 in Köln, 2) The Emancipation of the Concert Instruments (a brief history of the accordion), and 3) The Accordion in Concert Music.

Ute Pukropski wrote about the compositions for accordion by Christoph Keller and Martin Vogt wrote a wonderful introduction to the harmonium, which explained the difference between a Saugluftharmonium and a Druckluftharmonium (a harmonium which has a bellows which sucks air in and a harmonium which as a bellows which blows air out) and also included a chart of stops. This part concluded with three sections by Ralf Kaupenjohann: the first was a list of original works for harmonium, the second a bibliography, and the third: a discography of recordings of works written for harmonium.

The fifth part, Besprechungen, or Critical Reviews, was composed of eight sections. Bärbel Hölzing wrote about American Lisa Ann Cleveland's dissertation: An Analysis of Referential Collections in the Contemporary Accordion Works of Torbjörn Iwan Lundquist. Helmut C. Jacobs wrote about Carlos Kuri's article about Piazzolla— La musica limite, and Stefan Kames wrote an incredibly comprehensive article about Wolfgang Eschenbacher's Music and Music Education with Accordion. Jutta Lambrecht wrote about Bärbel Hölzing's Torbjörn Iwan Lundquist: Catalog of Works and Discography. Norbert Laufer wrote about Two Books of Jürg Baur's 75th Birthday: Catalog of Works, Analysis and Personal Comments. Finally, Martin Vogt wrote about Christoph Wagner's book: Das Akkordeon - Eine wilde Karriere—(A Wild Career).

Truly, this publication will be treasured by German-readers as well as non-German-readers. Although my knowledge of German is limited, as I explained earlier, I still found this volume, Brennpunkte I, to be invaluable in my own research for my book The Classical Squeezebox, as I found the chapter on the original repertoire for harmonium to be unexcelled. I believe all scholars and lovers of the accordion (and harmonium) should have this book in their library.

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