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CD Review: Guy Klucevsek & Ain't Nothing' But A Polka Band
Polka Dots & Laser Beams
-- (Volume 1 from Polka From The Fringe)
Guy Klucevsek (Accordion)
John King (Guitar, Violin, Dobro)
David Hofstra (Bass, Tuba)
Bill Ruyle (Percussion)


Steve Elson: From Here to Paternity Polka
T. Cora: The Imperial Buzzard
G. Klucevsek: The Grass, It is Blue (Ain't Nothing But a Polka)
J. Kasinkas: Peek-A-Boo Polka
A. Coleman: Diet Polka
N. Collins: Devil From Milwaukee
G. De Bievre: Polka Dots and Laser Beams
R. Holcomb: The Winnemucca Polka
Duke Elington: Klop
P. Garland: The Club Nada Polka
W. Ducksworth: Polking Around
B. Previte: The Nova Scotia Polka
C. Finch: Prairie Dogs

total time: 47:49
released: 1995

label: Evva Recording Company catalog number 33008

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Review by Robert Karl Berta:

After listening to Guy's Transylvanian Softwear CD and the ?Who Stole The Polka? CD, I expected this one to be in the same vein. Was I wrong - this was completely different, and I wasn't disappointed. Here was a bunch of musicians taking music to a whole new level. And again, each tune pushes to reach into uncharted territory. As in previous recordings and concerts I have heard, Guy steals just enough from other tunes and rhythms to remind you of something, and than slams you with something completely new. The very first tune draws the line in the sand and it appears that each succeeding tune has only one purpose - to be unlike anything you just heard. There are some great tunes here that also create some wonderful instrumental interrelations. In the selection "Devil From Milwaukee" Guy uses overdubs to create a wild combination. While there are some pretty wild experiments there are some more or less familiar musical renditions like the last tune "Prairie Dogs".

Again as in previous recordings the musicianship is outstanding as is the technical proficiency. But I do have one severe criticism. The album liner notes are terrible. Evidently the graphics artist never got a chance to see what his work would look like in the final product. Because the strange combination of colors, microscopic red type on a tan background renders much of the information useless.

Overall though I can recommend this album highly if you are willing to listen to some music which will likely be very foreign to you at first listen but will grow on you with every listening. The only thing better than listening to this CD is actually attending a concert by Guy. His concerts are wonderful.

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