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CD Review: Bubblin' Toorop Trio

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total time: 58:23
recorded in 1991
review date: January 2000

label: Moskito Music (ACUM20507)
Order from:
Langbroekerdijk 14, 3972 ND
Driebergen, the Netherlands
tel +31-343-533787
fax +31-343-533845

Jean-Pierre Guiran - Accordion
Wilco Jordi - Violin
Dirkjan "Bubblin'" Toorop - Guitar and Vocals


  • I Got Rhythm (Ira and George Gershwin)
  • Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You (Redman - Razaf)
  • Familiar Blues (Gaillard - Holiday)
  • The Sheik of Araby (H. Smith - F. Wheeler - T. Snyder)
  • God Bless the Child (B. Holiday - A. Herzog)
  • I Can Give You (D. Fields - J. McHugh)
  • All of Me (Simons - Marks)
  • Body and Soul (Green)
  • Laughin' in Rhythm (S. Gaillard - S. Bechet)
  • Don't Get Around Much Anymore (B. Russel - D. Ellington)
  • Some of These Days (S. Brooks - E. Grevin)
  • Round Midnight (Monk)
  • In a Sentimental Mood (Ellington - Mills - Kurtz)
  • Barbeque Chicken (S. Gaillard)
  • Creole Love Call (Ellington - Miley - Jackson)
  • You's a Viper (Reefer Song) (Traditional)

Review by Thomas Fabinski:

This group was formed in 1983 around the bubbling voice of the Javanese-born, Dirkjan "Bubblin'" Toorop. The group lasted till 1998 but CDs are still available from Jean-Pierre. During their existence, the group performed in Germany, France, Canada and Holland.

Bubblin's dark voice has been compared to a cross between Fats Waller and Joe Turner—it's loaded with spontaneity and good-humored fun. Bubblin' lets J-P and Wilco take the instrumental solos while his rhythm guitar provides the chords to the violin and accordion swing riffs. All the song lyrics are in English and Bubblin' handles all the vocals in his uniquely joyful, soulful and infectious style. For his part, Wilco Jordi can easily and very favorably be compared with the jazz stylings of Stephan Grappelli.

The recipe for this group is to mix a little Tin Pan Alley with some Big Band tunes. Stir in some swing and season with some of Bubblin's blues. And you'll get a spicy goulash sort of neo-zydeco—a Javanese Jambalaya! This is finger-lickin' good, pass the hot sauce and another cold brew, music!

And "Keep it rollin' Pops!"

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