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Classical and Avant-Garde Music
Music Scores
Video Tapes
Compact Discs

Music Score Reviews

AMS Production Ky: Works by Ari-Matti Saira

Concertina Connection Music Publications: Music for the English Concertina

Dyremose, Jeanette and Lars: Dyremose Stykker

Modus Musiikki Oy: Musiikkia harmonikalle (Music for Accordion)

SAMFUNDET: Classical Accordeon Edition

Sofia Gubaildulina: Under the Sign of the Scorpio

Book Reviews

Atlas, Allan W, ed.: The Free-Reed Journal

Atlas, Allan W, ed.: The Free-Reed Journal, Vol. 2

Atlas, Allan W, ed.: The Free-Reed Journal, Vol. 3

Atlas, Allan W: The Wheatstone English Concertina in Victorian England

Gellerman, Robert F: The American Reed Organ and the Harmonium

Howard, Rob: An A to Z of the Accordion and related instruments

Natolio Gorin: Astor Piazzolla

Kaupenjohann, Ralf (Editor): Brennpunkte I

Krampert, Peter: The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica

Kymalainen, Helka: Harmonikka taidemusiikissa (The Accordion in Classical Music)

Liggett, Wallace: The History of the Accordion in New Zealand

Lips, Friedrich: The Art of Bayan Playing

Llanos, Ricardo: Accordeón Divertido / Akordeoi Alaia

Llanos, Ricardo: Pun Txan Txan (accordion method)

Morelli, Joe: Target: Focus

Rosinska, Elzbieta: Polska Literatura Akordeonowa 1955 - 1996

Schimmel, William: Falling From Grace: An Autobiography of an Accordionist

Smith, Robert L.: Fingering for the Accordion (book review)

Tschaikov, Basil and Miller, Malcolm, editors: The Accordion In All Its Guises

Concert Reviews

Alphen Opus 2

Cuarteto Latinoamericana and bandoneonist Cesar Olguin

CUNY Concertina Concert

Doktorski Plays in California

Bach!/ Vegas!/ Dog! (various artists)

International Accordion Celebration (Toronto: 1993)

Pino, Carmelo and the Washington Chamber Orchestra:: Concertino for Accordion and Strings

Dempsey, Jackie and Squonk Opera: Burn

Soave, Peter and the Ohio Chamber Orchestra: Piazzolla's Concerto for Bandoneon

Soave, Peter and the Napa Valley Orchestra: Piazzolla's Concerto for Bandoneon

Smith, Otto and the Port Townsend Orchestra: Molique's Concertina Concerto

Venglevski and Simkus: Concert Review

Wang Zheng Ting (sheng) at The Center For The Study of Free-Reed Instruments

Zhang Guoping (accordion) at The Bay Area Accordion Club

Salvatore di Gesualdo (accordion) at Vallisa Church - Bari, Italy

Classical Accordion Concerts in the United Kingdom January-March 2004

Williams, Roland: The Classical Accordion: Review of the Berio Festival

Richard Galliano UK Tour

Press Release: Listz Concert featuring Harmonium

Video Tape Reviews

Galla-Rini, Anthony, accordion: Sharing the Joy

Rudy Hung, harmonica: Classical Harmonica

Accordion CDs (Piano and Chromatic Button)

Acco Duo: Romance (cd review)

Ahvenainen, Veikko: Three New Classical Accordion Releases (cd review)

Ahvenainen, Veikko & Kouvola City Orchestra: Finland Calling

Ahvenainen, Veikko: The Studio Recordings of Helsinki

Aizpiolea, Inigo & Alberdi, Inaki: Accordion Duo

Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra: Accordion Concert Music by Gary Daverne

Algora, Esteban: Confluencias

Alphen Opus 2: A Musical Explosion

Alphen Opus 2: T(w)o You

Anzelotti, Teodoro: Music by Gerhard Stabler: fallen, fallen . . .

Barberena, Antonio: Acordeón de Concierto

Barski, Daniel: Free-Reed Odyssey

Battiston, Ivano: Seven Last Words

Biegenzahn, Heinrich: On and Off the Keys

Bonnay, Christiane and Loli, Philippe: Nouvelle Musique

Carmen Carrozza, Accordion (cd review)

Carmen Carrozza Plays Paul Creston Concerto and Alan Hovhaness Rubaiyat (cd review)

Castaño, Angel: Musika Kontenporaneoa Akordeoia;

Castaño, Angel Luis: Music of Patrick Busseuil

Centazzo, Riccardo: Caleidoscopio

Centazzo, Riccardo: Frescobaldi and Bach (two cds)

Danish Accordion Academy Ensemble: Music by Sven Erik Werner

Daverne, Gary: Gallipoli [Accordionist: Kevin Friedrich]

Davine, Robert: Concert Accordion Artistry

Dei, Alesandro: Keyboard Music

Del Tredici, David (composer): An Alice Symphony

Dempsey, Jackie and Squonk Opera: Bigsmörgåsbørdwünderwerk

di Gesualdo, Salvatore: The Classical Accordionist

Doktorski, Henry: A Classical Christmas

Doktorski, Henry: California Accordion Recitals

The Complete Works of Pietro Deiro, Volume 1: Celebrated Polkas

Doktorski, Henry & The Duquesne Chamber Players: A Ragtime Rendition of Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue

Doktorski, Henry & Perlman, Itzhak, & Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra: Cinema Serenade

Doktorski, Henry: Vaudeville Accordion Classics: The Complete Works of Guido Deiro Review by Robert Karl Berta

Doktorski, Henry: Vaudeville Accordion Classics: The Complete Works of Guido Deiro Review by Dr. Paul A. Magistretti

Doktorski, Henry: Vaudeville Accordion Classics: The Complete Works of Guido Deiro Review by Peter Ayers

Draugsvoll, Geir: Classical Accordion

Draugsvoll, Geir: Ivan Frounberg: Orchestral Works

Draugsvoll, Geir: Sofia Gubaidulina

Draugsvoll, Geir: Works by Klaus Ib Jørgensen

Draugsvoll, Geir: Works for Classical Accordion

Duo 2000: Song to the Evening Star

Duo Jupiter (Røyseng and Aase): "The Journeyman's Test"

Dyremose, Jeanette and Lars: Dyremose Stykker

Ellegard, Mogens: Contemporary Danish Accordion Music

Ensemble DRAJ: Lieder aus den Ghettos

Excelsior: Declassified

Farmen, Øivind: Baroque

Faukstad, Jon: Classic Accordion

Franç-aix, Jean (composer): Apocalypse According to St. John

Sundeqvist, Jörgen: Bellows and Pipes

Glutsch, Werner: Virtuose Musik auf dem Akkordeon

Grekow, Jacek: Southern impressions, Junctions, Kyrillakata

Gypsy Strings: Music of Planet Earth

Hohner Accordion Symphony Orchestra: Accordiorama

Hussong, Stefan: High Way for One

Hussong, Stefan: Dream: Music of John Cage

Hussong, Stefan: Piazzolla Revoluç-ionario

Hussong, Stefan: Sofia Gubaidulina

Hussong, Stefan: Johann Sebastian Bach: English Suites

Hussong, Stefan: Tango Fantasy

Jacobs, Helmut: Recital

Jacobs, Helmut: Sigfrid Karg-Elert: Compositions for Harmonium

Jeanette Dyremose Ensemble: Sparkling Moments

Jobard, Sylvie: Jean-Sébastien Bach

Kaminska, Lidia: Three New Classical Accordion Releases (cd review)

Kaupenjohann, Ralf: Maschinen Musik

Kazakov, Yuri: The Art of Yuri Kazakov

Kazakov, Yuri: Stars of Russian Bayan

Klucevsek, Guy: Accordance & Tales from the Cryptic

Klucevsek, Guy: Altered Landscapes

Klucevsek, Guy: The Composer-Performer: Forty Years of Discovery (1954-1994)

Klucevsek, Guy: Free Range Accordion

Klucevsek, Guy: Heart of the Andes

Klucevsek, Guy: Manhattan Cascade

Klucevsek, Guy: Polka From the Fringe, Vol. 1: Polka Dots and Laser Beams

Klucevsek, Guy: Polka From the Fringe, Vol. 2: ?Who Stole the Polka?

Klucevsek, Guy and the Bantam Orchestra: Stolen Memories

Klucevsek, Guy: Transylvanian Softwear

Klucevsek, Guy: The Well-Tampered Accordion

The K Trio: Images

Kutscher, Stefan: Orgel und Akkordeon

Lechner, Otto: Accordeonata

Lips, Friedrich: Also sprach Zarathustra

Lips, Friedrich: Apocalypse

Lips, Friedrich: Cinema

Lips, Friedrich: De Profundis

Lips, Friedrich: Encore

Lips, Friedrich: Et Exspecto

Lips, Friedrich: River of Love

Lips, Friedrich: Russian Bells

Lips, Friedrich: Russisch und Trepak

Lips, Friedrich: Schneefall bei Nacht

Luoma, Mikka: Virtuoso Accordion

Macerollo, Joseph: Persuasion

Matasy, Kathyrn and the Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra: An Alice Symphony

Melichar, Alfred: Acco Music

Monteiro, Eddie: The Trio Album

John Molinari and Veikko Ahvenainen - The Historic Recordings (cd review)

Moser, Elsbeth: Sofia Gubaidulina

Alessandro Mugnoz, Accordion; and Claudia Menghi, piano:
  Repertoire for Free-Reed Instruments from the 19th and 20th centuries

Murray, Owen: Crucifixion by Elena Firsova

Nasturico, Marin: Virtuoso

Nina & Lena: Vitebsk, Minsk, Moscow

Oliveros, Pauline and American Voices

Oliveros, Pauline: Deep Listening

Oliveros, Pauline: Sanctuary

Oppenheimer, Yehuda: Accordion Mon Amour (cd review)

Oppenheimer, Yehuda: The Magic Accordion of Yehuda Oppenheimer

Pacal, Bouvelle, et al.: Coupe Mondiale 1988

Palazzo, Francesco: Fisarmonica Classica

Petric, Joseph: Bach Suites, Sonatas, Airs & Dances

Petric, Joseph (with Canadian Electronic Ensemble): Catbird Seat

Petric, Joseph: Gems

Petric, Joseph: Joseph Petric, Accordion

Petric, Joseph: Koprowski Concerto

Petric, Joseph and Amadeus Ensemble: Music of Marjan Mozetich

Petric, Joseph: Orbiting Garden

Petric, Joseph: Padre Antonio Soler

Petric, Joseph: Three New Titles by Joseph Petric

Petric, Joseph (with Toronto Percussion Ensemble): Shadowbox

Petric, Joseph and Proulx, Sylvie: Tango Nuevo: Music of Astor Piazzolla

Precz, Bogdan: Acordeon

Quartetto Gelato: Aria Fresca

Quartetto Gelato: Quartetto Gelato

Quartetto Gelato: Rustic Chivalry

Rantanen, Matti: Fire Making: The Chamber Music of Heikki Valpola

Rantanen, Matti: Jeux D'Anches

Rantanen, Matti: ZOLO--Finnish Works for Accordion

Rättyä, Janne: Bach Two and Three Part Inventions

Reichman, Ted and Braxton, Anthony: 1993 (Leipzig)

Romanko, Viktor: Faszination Bayan

Romanko, Viktor: Improvisationen

Romero, Lacides: Acordeon en Concierto

Rossen, Morten: Cassa Fisharmonica

Rossi, Christine: Accordeon de Concert

Saira, Maritta and Ari-Matti: Coral

Saira, Maritta and Ari-Matti: Sin Palabras

Sattler, Robert: Robert Sattler Plays the Bayan

Schimmel, William: Dead End Avenue

Schmidt, Diane and Seattle Symphony: Hovhaness: The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Semyonov, Vyacheslav: Semyonov Plays His Transcriptions

Sevastian, Alexander: Three New Classical Accordion Releases (cd review)

Shishkin, Yuri: Romantic Bayan

Skempton, Howard: Surface Tension

Soave, Peter and the Emerald Sinfonietta: Coppola's Concerto for Accordion

Soave, Peter: Pride and Passion, vol. 1

Soundscape (Accordion Trio): Dynamic Impressions

Terem Quartet: Classical

Torcello, John: Pastiche

Toscano, Frank: Accordion To Frank

Trojan, Vaclav: Fairy Tales (Film Music)

Tynkkynen, Marjut: Music by Kalevi Aho: Black Birds

Ugarte, Enrique: Accordion Champion Plays Bolero, Sabre Dance, Czardas

Ural Trio: Perpetuum mobile

Vaupotic, Miran: "Dreams-The Music of Davor Bobic" (cd review)

Venglevski, Stanislav: Adagio, Romance & Beyond

Venglevski, Stanislav: Seasonings

Venglevski, Stanislav: Stas!

Venglevski, Stanislav: Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite

Viennese Accordion Chamber-Ensemble: Everlasting Classics

Warsaw Accordion Quintet: Kontraste

Zhang Guoping: 14 Golden Accord Music

Zhang Guoping: Accordion Magic, Vol. 1

Zhang Guoping: Accordion Solos

Zhang Guoping: Scarlatti Sonatas

Zubitsky, Vladimir: Five CDs

Concertina and Bandoneon CDs

Celtic Consort

Diaz, Hugo: Master of Bandoneon

Giulio Regondi Guild: The Great Regondi, Volumes One and Two

Hawkwood Concerina Band: "Marches and Tunes"

Mainetti, Pablo and Orquestra de Cambra Teatre Lliure (Barcelona): Astor Piazzolla Tango

Olguín, Cé-sar: Five for Tango

Olguín, Cé-sar: Suite Piazzollana

Olguín, Cé-sar: Tango de Mier y Pesado

Rivero, René- Marino Rivero: Che Bandoneón: Tango

Rivero, Marino & Gabriela Diaz: Fantoches

Rivero, Marino & Gabriela Diaz: Nuevo Tango: From Bach to La Cumparsita

Soave, Peter: Tango Moods

Harmonica CDs

Adler, Larry: Larry Adler Goes Classical

Bonfiglio, Robert: Villa-Lobos Concerto

Bonfiglio, Robert: Romances

Ho, Allan: Harmonica World Champion Debut Album

Hughes, James: James Hughes Plays James Moody

Hughes, James: The Romantic Harmonica Music of Paul Lewis

King's Harmonica Quintet

Littera, Gianluca: Villa-Lobos Concerto

Logan, Larry: Souvenirs

Reilly, Tommy: Concertos for Harmonica and Orchestra

Reilly, Tommy: Serenade

Reilly, Tommy: Works for Harmonica and Orchestra

Reilly, Tommy: Works for Harmonica, Harp and String Quartet

Harmonium and Reed Organ CDs

Lucktenberg, George with Lyra Quartet: Dvorak Bagatelles

Michel, Johannes Matthias: Sigfrid Karg-Elert: Harmonium Works Vol. 1-3

Page, Anne: French Music for Harmonium Vol. 2

Sanderman, Dick: Bolero de Concert

Takacs Quartet: Takacs Quartet Plays Dvorak

Eastern Instruments

Kô Ishikawa (shô) and Wang Zheng Ting (shêng): Whose Forest?

LIU Ying (conductor): A Spray of Flower

Miyato Mayumi: Chaya Czernowin, composer: Afatsim

Miyato Mayumi: John Cage, composer: Two4

Miyato Mayumi: Gerhard Stäbler, composer: Karas. Krähen

Peebles, Sarah (composer): Suspended In Amber

QIAN Zhao-xi (composer): Primitive Safari

Sheng Masterpieces Performed by Sheng Masters

Tianquan Hu: The Yellow River Sheng

Folk, Jazz and Popular Music

Music Scores
Compact Discs

Music Score Reviews

Howe, Elias Jr: The Complete Preceptor for the Accordeon

Kushner, Sy; arranger: The Klezmer Fake Book/Compact Disc

Piazzolla, Astor: 20 de ses Plus Grands Tangos

Book Reviews

Bove, Bob: Accordion Man -- The Legendary Dick Contino

Keen, David: Accordion World (magazine)

Keil, Charles & Angeliki V. and Blau, Dick: Polka Happiness

Krampert, Peter: The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica

Morrison, Wendy: Pretty Complete Guide to Squeezeboxes

Ohlander, Gunnar M: Pietro Frosini, Dragspelets Trollkarl

Stricker, Ralph: Jazz Theory and Improvisation Studies for Accordion

Concert Reviews

Hunter, Richard at The Center for the Study of Free-Reed Instruments

Mosalini, Juan-José & his Grand Orchestra de Tango at UCLA's Veterans Wadsworth Theater

The 18th 'Nuits de Nacre' Tulle Accordeon Festival (reviewed by David Berry)

Video Tape Reviews

Boatman, Morgan (Director): Princess Isabelle

Logan, Larry: Celebrating His 50th Anniversary in Show Business

Accordion CDs (Diatonic Button)

Asadollahi, Rahman and the Azerbayjani Folkloric Music Orchestra: The Best of Rahman

Budowitz: Mother Tongue

Dairo M.B.E., I.K. & His Blue Spots: Ashiko

Dancas Ocultas

Donslund, Herluf: Harp and Soul

John Kirkpatrick Band: Force of Habit

La Musgana: Las Seis Tentaciones

Lars Karlsson Band


Tigermoth: Mothballs

Those Darn Accordions: Lawnball

Valimaki, Teppo: Taysin Palkein: The Best of Finnish Folk Accordion

Various Artists: Klezmer Music -- A Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Various Artists: Planet Squeezebox

Accordion CDs (Piano and Chromatic Button)

Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra: On Tour!

Bubblin' Toorop Trio: Laughin' In Rhythm

Cafe Accordion Orchestra: Dancing on the Moon

Carovillano, David and Sajo, Becky: Acclarion

Contino, Dick: Forever With You

Custie, John: POLKA - A New Dawning

Deiro, Pietro & Guido: Real Ragtime

Deishovida: Fast Folk

Di Pippo, Angelo: Arthur Street

Doktorski, Henry: Vaudeville Accordion Classics; review by Berta

Doktorski, Henry: Vaudeville Accordion Classics; review by Magistretti

Ensemble Draj: Kinderjorn-Aufwachsen im Ghetto

Folkstad, Jon: Norske Drag

Floren, Myron: 22 of the Greatest Polka Hits

Frosini, Pietro : Jolly Caballero

Frosini, Pietro: Original Recordings: 1920-1935

Galliano, Richard: Laurita

Ganian, Michael: Accordéon d'or

Ganian, Michael: Ararat 1915

Ganian, Michael: différence

Ganian, Michael: River

Ganian, Michael: Splendide

Ganian, Michael: the Paris

Ganian, Michael: Touch

Good Music Polka Band: It's A Polka Party!

Guiran, Jean-Pierre and de Boer, Cherie: L'imparfait du Coeur

Gypsy Strings: Music of Planet Earth

Gypsy Strings: Ole Guapa

Hineni: Original Klezmer Music by Sherry Mayrent

Kalaniemi, Maria: Maria Kalaniemi

Kandic, Vladeta (Bata Kanda): Plays With Heart and Soul

Kimmel, John: Real Ragtime

Klezmatics: Jews With Horns

Klezmatics: Possessed

Mann, Brian: Cafe du Soleil

Manny Bobenrieth Ensemble: Tangata

Mazaika: Violin and Accordion Duo

Music Makars: Scottish Dance Music

Nasturico, Marin: Jazz and Romance

Newton, Dan: Cafe Accordion

Orkest Polytour: Django

Orkest Polytour: le Roi des jongleurs

Orquesta Atipica: Tango Dogs

Pagni, Sylvia: Excelsior "Myths"

Precz, Bogdan & Acco-Lab: For Daniel

Precz, Bogdan & Duzy, Bronislaw: Grudusko

Rommel, Jim: Prost!

Romero, Lacides: Contrastes

Saint Petersburg Musette Ensemble: Boulevards of Paris

Saint Petersburg Musette Ensemble: La Plaza de Granada

Souc, Mirko: Step By Step

Sredzienski, Gary: From the Porch -- "Old Country" Style

Sredzienski, Gary: Accordion Languages

Sundeqvist, Jörgen: Vid Dragspelsälven

Sy Kushner Music Ensemble: Klezsqueeze!

Terem Quartet: Terem

Various Artists: Accordion Tribe

Various Artists: Legends of Accordion

Various Artists: Planet Squeezebox

Various Artists: Tribute to Astor

Venglevski, Stanislav: Accordion Illusions

Wholesale Klezmer Band: Yidn Fun Amol (Jews of Long Ago)

Yaskin, Alex: Make A Wish

Concertina and Bandoneon CDs

Di Bonaventura, Daniele: Bandoneon & Bandoneon

Di Bonaventura, Daniele: Solo Bandoneon

Gabla, Norbert: Tango Live

Jaurena, Raul & Tango Five: Obsecion

Nicholson, Lea: The Concertina Record

Olguin, Cesar: Tangostinata

Parlando: Tangled Lies

Piazzolla, Astor & The New Tango Sextet: Luna


Rivero, René Marino: Bandoneon Pure: Dances of Uruguay

Timson, Chris and Gregson, Anne: Peaceful Harbour

Various Artists: Planet Squeezebox

Various Artists: Tribute to Astor

Eastern Free-Reed Instruments

Various Artists: Music of Laos

Chinese Ensemble of Yunnan Song and Dance Troupe: Yunnan Instrumental Music

Harmonica CDs

Adler, Larry: Larry Adler Salutes Gershwin

Adler, Larry: The Glory of Gershwin

Bauer, Chris: Now's The Time

Hoover, Clint: Dream of the Serpent Dog

Hunter, Richard: The Act of Being Free in One Act

Kurnow, Bruce: Harmonicaland

Kurnow, Bruce: Holidays in Harmonicaland

Logan, Larry: Larry Logan Plays Gershwin

Harmonium CDs

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada: Krishna Meditations

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