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CD Review: Mirko Souc
Step by Step

Mirko Souc: Piano Accordion

with Dzez Orkestar RTB
Revijski Orkestar RTB
Zabavni Ansambl RTB
Ansambl Mirka Souca


I'm Beginning to see the Light:Ellington
Stardust Melody:Carmichael
Can't Take My Eyes Off You:Jene
Five Minutes More:Cohn
Pruzi Mi Sansu Za Ljubav:Yumants
Honey Suckle Rose:Waller
As Time Goes By:Herman
Ni Jedan Dan:Souc
Vec Davno:Souc
Sonny Boy:Jolson
Softly in the Morning:Souc
Cheek to Cheek:Berlin
Moon River:Mancini
I'm In the Mood For Lovew:McHugh
Nasa Igra:Petrovik
Kada Dode Dan:Souc
Don't Get Around Much Anymore:Ellington

total time: 53 min. and 51 sec.
released: 1998
review date: April, 2000

label: CD 412332 Sokoj
Radio televizija Srbije, Produkcijia gramofonskih ploca
11000 Belgrad, Makedonska 21, Yugoslavia

In North America, order from Vuc Kandic
2714 Shady Avenue, #5
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
phone: (412) 421-2407
fax: (412) 802-8561

Review by Robert Karl Berta :

This CD showcases the formidable jazz improvisation talents of a truly wonderful musician, Mirko Souc of Yugoslavia. Mirko has a long and distinguished career in music and has mastered the accordion, keyboards and piano. The year 2000 marks the 62nd anniversary in music for Mirko having started playing at the tender age of 4 when his father would have him play out on the sidewalks and passed the hat around.

The selection of tunes on the CD will find a place in the hearts of any one who loves the piano bar style of jazz. You will find neat arrangements of the greats like Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin and Al Jolson. But also highlighted are the many compositions and arrangements of Mirko himself...and you will find that he doesn't give an inch to those greats. I particularly enjoyed all of the original compositions by Mirko as refreshing works of great beauty.

The CD lends itself to some things that you won't hear in a live recording. Mirko sometimes performs several different accordion parts courtesy of multi track recording. While this mostly works I was a little put off by some of the combinations of sounds. There was some use of keyboards and some sort of processing of the accordion sound to double it. While I have no problem with electronics normally, many will not be happy that the traditional acoustic sounds of a jazz ensemble were compromised.

The recorded sound was mostly excellent although I found the sound of the accordion to be a contradiction. The basoon reeds were lovely and well rounded. But when the master switch was turned on the sound changed into a brash sound that wasn't appealing to me.

But overall this is one outstanding recording and even old well worn standards like Moon River and Cheek to Cheek received wonderful arrangements. I recommend this CD as a great one for those most comfortable with the piano bar style of entertainment.

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