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CD Review: The Trio Album

Eddie Monteiro, MIDI Accordion;
Joe Cocuzzo, Drums;
Lenny Argese, Guitar

Total Time: 64:35
Includes 4-page printed CD booklet
  with liner notes

Label: BIOYA
Released: 2007
Order from:
The Classical Free-Reed, Inc. eBay Store

The Trio Album


  1. Skylark
  2. It Might As Well Be Spring
  3. Did It Really Happen
  4. Velas
  5. The Man In The Moon
  6. Only Trust Your Heart
  7. Secret Love
  8. Blusette
  9. Agua De Beber
  10. Corcovado

Review by: Henry Doktorski:

I had the pleasure to hear Eddie's trio at the Ramas Restaurant in Clarke, New Jersey, during July 2007. Their performance was on par with the best jazz I have ever heard. Truly consummate musicians, each one, and they play as one. I was especially impressed with Eddie's mastery of the bass. It is absolutely amazing how he can recreate the sound of the upright string bass, and he is not limited to an octave range as most accordionists are; no he exploits the full musical possibilities of the MIDI accordion's left-hand manual by using a foot pedal to play up to three octaves.

Sometimes he makes the right-hand sound like a Hammond organ, other times like a string section, and other times, he simply features the reeds of the acoustic accordion. It is a wonderful experience to hear the MIDI accordion in the hands of a master.

I should also mention Eddie's scat fine singing adds a lot of variety to the ensemble's mix.

Truly a treasured item in the audio libraries of the discriminating jazz connoisseur, and the lover of the jazz accordion.

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