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CD Review: Myron Floren

22 of the Greatest Polka Hits
Myron Floren, accordion


Pennsylvania Polka
Beer Barrel Polka
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Circus Polka
Yellow Rose of Texas/Camptown Races
Clarinet Polka
Helena Polka
Springtime Polka
Hot Foot Polka
The Thunder Polka
Jolly Polka
Hopak Polka
La Sorrela
Happy Norwegian Polka
American Patrol Polka
Silver Polka
Village Inn Polka
Finger Tip Polka
Happy Hour
Toe Tapper
My Melody of Love

Total Time: 44:18

label: Ranwood Records, Inc.
1299 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Review by Henry Doktorski:

Although Myron Floren and I have corresponded by mail since 1990, (when he purchased my first tape: "Music by Bach and Handel"), I did not meet him in person until 1994, when I attended one of his concerts in West Palm Beach, Florida. After an exhilarating performance, he autographed photos and tapes for admiring fans. When the last person left, I introduced myself; Myron recognized me and we chatted for some time.

During the course of the conversation, he announced to me with great pleasure that a new polka CD of his would soon be released and I asked him if he would trade one of his CDs for one of mine. He agreed and promised to mail me his CD as soon as his tour was completed.

Many months went by and I hadn't heard from him. I just assumed that in the course of his busy life (he performs some 150 concerts every year!) that he simply forgot about it. I didn't think the matter significant enough to warrant a letter of reminder, so I forgot about it also.

Then a couple of months ago, I looked at my calendar and noticed that my father's 66th birthday was coming soon. I remembered all the fun times we shared while I was a young boy growing up in the 1960s in New Jersey, and I specifically remembered Sunday nights, when our entire family would sit around the TV set and watch the Lawrence Welk show. We would wait in eager anticipation for Mr. Floren's accordion solo, since my parents hoped that someday I might grow up to play the accordion half as well as Mr. Floren.

Then, suddenly it hit me! I knew what birthday present to get for my father: Myron's new polka CD! My Dad already had an extensive collection of Floren cassettes, but no CDs.

Immediately, I sent off a letter to Myron, reminding him of the CD that he owed me and asking him to autograph it and send it directly to my father.

Some time later, I received a surprise phone call from my mother. She was extremely excited and related the following story:

She had come home from shopping late in the afternoon and when she drove up the driveway, she heard, to her astonishment, extremely loud polka music shaking the house. The stereo must have been turned up full blast. "This is very strange," she thought, "since my husband does not like loud music."

When she opened the door, her eyes bulged from their sockets as she peeked into the living room and discovered my father singing and dancing the polka with an imaginary partner. (My father rarely dances and he NEVER sings!)

"What could be the matter!" she exclaimed, "has my husband been drinking too much?" (Although my Dad makes excellent home-made wine from his backyard vineyard, he NEVER drinks before supper and then only one or two glasses.) She found no empty bottles.

However, the mystery was solved when she set the grocery bags on the kitchen table, and noticed next to the pile of mail an autographed photo of Myron Floren and a little type-written note: "Dear Mr. Doktorski, I hope you enjoy my CD. Your son asked me to send this to you for your birthday. He said that you are a fan of mine; yet I am a fan of your son! He is making wonderful music with his accordion and you can be proud of him. Sincerely Yours, Myron Floren"

Immediately, my mother ran into the living room and joined my father in dancing the Polka.

Now back to the review!

What can I say about Myron's music? This new CD is as exciting and clean and professional and artistic as everything he does. As the late Lawrence Welk used to say after Myron's TV performances, "Wasn't that wonderful?"

Nothing has changed. Myron's performances are still as wonderful as ever.

His accordion is tastefully backed up by an orchestra consisting of tuba, drums, percussion, trumpets, trombones, string bass, marimba, banjo, orchestra bells, electric guitar, etc. The recording is superb very enjoyable; this CD will make you want to get up and dance!

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