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October 15, 2007
Marian Hymns on Accordion CD Released

Henry Doktorski, one of America's leading concert accordionists, performs beautiful and artistic arrangements of 25 beloved Marian hymns from the 11th through the 20th centuries, including five different settings of Ave Maria. This CD will truly be a treasure for classical accordion lovers, sacred music connoisseurs and devotees of our Blessed Mother.

"Put aside any prejudice you may have about the accordion, and carefully listen to this compilation of Marian music assembled by master accordionist Henry Doktorski. With the skill of a poet, Doktorski has arranged 25 hymns and presented them with varied textures, in every imaginable genre from simple melodic chant, to melody with accompaniment, to all out accordion panache. In the fingers and hands of Doktorski, the cherished melodies soar with lyric fluidity, all the time keeping sight of the reason for their existence--to honor of the Mother of God."
   Kenneth G. Danchik, Associate Organist, Saint Paul Cathedral of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


  1. Sing of Mary
  2. Hail, Holy Queen
  3. Immaculate Mary
  4. Alma Redemptoris Mater
  5. Serdeczna Matko
  6. O Sanctissima
  7. Ave Maria (Franz Schubert)
  8. Ave Regina Cælorum
  9. Hail, Queen Of Heav'n
  10. Star Upon The Ocean
  11. At The Cross Her Station Keeping
  12. Regina Cæli
  13. Virgin Great And Glorious
  14. Joyously We Sing To Mary
  15. Blessed Virgin Mother
  16. Salve Regina
  17. On This Day, O Beautiful Mother
  18. Mother Dear, O Pray For Me
  19. Mother, At Your Feet Is Kneeling
  20. Ave Maria (Latin chant)
  21. Hail Mary, Gentle Woman
  22. Ave Maria, As I Kneel Before You
  23. Magnificat
  24. Bogurodzica Dziewica
  25. Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod)

Total Time: 72:40

This CD is the fruit of my dear wife, Mary Kay, who suddenly decided one day in February 2007 that I should record an album of Marian hymns to help raise funds for the proposed Prayer Garden with grotto and statue of our Lady of Lourdes at our local parish, Saint Columbkille in Imperial, Pennsylvania.

At first I resisted, knowing too well the vast amount of time and energy and funding needed to see such a project to completion, and the likelihood that it probably would not be financially profitable.

However Mary Kay was stubborn and her enthusiasm contagious, so like the proverbial fool who leaps where angels fear to tread, I began choosing hymns, writing arrangements, practicing many hours, rewriting arrangements, recording, editing the recorded tracks, researching and writing liner notes, and trusting that our Lady, if she was pleased with our endeavor, would provide the necessary means required to complete this ambitious undertaking. I am grateful for the opportunity to create an album of music dedicated to our Blessed Mother.
   Henry Doktorski

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