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What's New
at The Classical Free-Reed, Inc. In 2003

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Henry Doktorski: Vaudeville Accordion Classics (The Free-Reed Review No. 321) Created December, 2003

Henry Doktorski: Who Was First? (The Free-Reed Journal no. 109) Created November, 2003

Joseph Petric: Orbiting Garden (The Free-Reed Review No. 320) Created November, 2003

Soundscape: Dynamic Impressions (The Free-Reed Review No. 319) Created November, 2003

Hilding Bergquist: Concertina Literature (The Free-Reed Journal no. 108) Created August, 2003

Hilding Bergquist: Concertina Literature, Part 2 (The Free-Reed Journal no. 107) Created August, 2003

Hilding Bergquist: The story of "Cornell" -- Accordion Jazz Genius (The Free-Reed Journal no. 106) Created August, 2003

Tollefsen Scores with Cleveland Orchestra (The Free-Reed Journal no. 105) Created August, 2003

Hilding Bergquist: Bernhard Molique (The Free-Reed Journal no. 104) Created August, 2003

Hilding Bergquist: Concertinas (The Free-Reed Journal no. 103) Created August, 2003

Andy Arcari: Ahoy! (The Free-Reed Journal no. 102) Created August, 2003

Mort Herold Displays Great Talent (The Free-Reed Journal no. 101) Created August, 2003

Dawson and Galla-Rini: Holding Up YOUR END (The Free-Reed Journal no. 100) Created August, 2003

J.M. Elcoate: Reminiscences of a Pioneer Accordionist (The Free-Reed Journal no. 99) Created August, 2003

Tony Lavelli solos with New Haven Symphony (The Free-Reed Journal no. 98) Created August, 2003

A Catechism (The Free-Reed Journal no. 97) Created August, 2003

Myron Floren (The Free-Reed Journal no. 96) Created August, 2003

Accordion Going Places (The Free-Reed Journal no. 95) Created August, 2003

New La Vaux Concerto (The Free-Reed Journal no. 94) Created August, 2003

Sorosoto and His Symphonic Accordion Society (The Free-Reed Journal no. 93) Created August, 2003

Carl Westberg: The Accordion Choir (The Free-Reed Journal no. 92) Created August, 2003

Hilding Bergquist: The Accordion in the Orchestra (The Free-Reed Journal no. 91) Created August, 2003

Friedrich Lips, Bayan: Russian Bells (The Free-Reed Review No. 318) Created August, 2003

Charles Magnante: On the Firing Line (The Free-Reed Journal no. 90) Created August, 2003

Hilding Bergquist: Action on the Air Waves (The Free-Reed Journal no. 89) Created August, 2003

Hilding Bergquist: Building a Record Library (The Free-Reed Journal no. 88) Created August, 2003

Papers of the International Concertina Association Created July, 2003

Allan Ho, Harmonica: Harmonica World Champion Debut Album (The Free-Reed Review No. 317) Created May, 2003

Joseph Petric, accordion: Bach Suites, Sonatas, Airs & Dances (The Free-Reed Review No. 316) Created January, 2003

Chris Bauer, harmonica: Now's the Time (The Free-Reed Review No. 315) Created January, 2003

Viktor Romanko: Faszination Bayan (The Free-Reed Review No. 314) Created January, 2003

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